Welcome to the Knox Memorial

Central School District Alumni Website!

Hi fellow alumni. Welcome to the new and improved Knox website. Prepare for a trip down memory lane as the website provides a doorway to all those wonderful memories of Knox Memorial High School. The success of the website will, in a large measure, be determined by your interest and participation. Please encourage as many alumni as possible to sign on and/or to keep their e-mail addresses updated.

Remember the website also provides a "connect" with the present as you may wish to contact past classmates and friends. We encourage you to send us your ideas, articles, announcements, or pictures you feel would be of interest to your fellow alumni. The website is a work in progress. We look forward to its continued growth and development. Enjoy!


Knox Memorial Alumni Association Board Meeting Minutes 5-16-17



Below is a list of corporate sponsors for this year, thanks to all of those listed for their sponsorship!!

  1. Gary Davis $50
  2. Gary Bushaw $50
  3. DI Bush $50
  4. 3 Spoiled Sisters $50
  5. LaPoint’s Maple Syrup $50
  6. The Guest House $50
  7. Tresidder’s Garage $50
  8. Wayside Tavern $50
  9. Boyden Brook $50
  10. TMDesign Services $50
  11. Adirondack Pharmacy $50
  12. Artworks Creperie  $50
  13. Kunoco  $50
  14. TLC Custom Embroidery $50
  15. Maple Leaf Farms $50
  16. 164 Main St. Market, Edwards $50 (Karen Wood)
  17. Lawrence Funeral Home $50
  18. Gary’s Auto  $50
  19. Cindy’s Cake Shop (donate cake)



Congratulations to James Rice and Alaina White for being this years winners of the Knox Memorial Alumni Association scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to Edwards Knox Central School seniors, one boy and one girl, with the highest english regents score.

The amount of the scholarship is $150.

Entry Date: 6-19-17